Welcome to our class New Wiki!

Student: Why do we need this wiki?
Dr. L.: I set up this wiki so you can collaborate with your classmates.
Student: This is an online class. How do you expect me to collaborate with classmates? I'm in Italy right now!
Dr. L.: You do not need to meet face to face with anybody. You can post your work in the wiki, save it where I say you should save it. Your group members can then edit your work before I even say anything about it.
Student: Ooooh! I see. But I thought we needed it only for the midterm project?
Dr. L.:You can also take advantage of the wiki to have classmates edit your work. It is also very helpful for group project. Each student works on his or her own time.
Student: Thank you for these clarifications.
Dr. L. You're welcome!

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